Shaun White Builds Custom Snowboard Park in Perisher, Australia!

Rumors have been swirling around that Shaun White is has built a custom superpark on the backside of Perisher to train for the upcoming Olympics. Well its now official. I went riding at Perisher for the last few days before the season was officially over and got to see the mega-snow-complex first hand. If you were lucky you may have witnessed Shaun hitting the late season public park at Perisher. The consensus was his rail skills need a lot of work.Go-Pro seems to have loaded up his private park with as many logos as possible which would imply they are probably helping out with the finances. I am curious to see how Shaun thanks Go-Pro for this help. If you remember four years ago Shaun had Red Bull build him a custom half-pipe deep in the backcountry of Colorado and then dropped the sponsor quickly after he won his gold medal.The set up looks pretty amazing with a 22″ Superpipe with dual airbags at the bottom as well as a rail park and a lofty looking jump perfect for practicing triple corks. It is rumored that Shaun has learned triple corks in the pipe and with the look of the setup and the fact that he will be up at Jindabyne for a month makes this rumor seem like its going to turn out true.It is pretty insane to think about the amount of money and pressure that goes into one person trying to stay on top of both slopestyle and halfpipe at the olympic level. Love him or Hate him Shaun White is a freaking athletic super hero.

Check the photos below to see the setup and definitely hit up Boardworld who caught this story first and has been updating it with new photos. Also check Snowflakegallery on facebook for more pictures.

Shaun got himself his own white leather couch and rest hut, how cute.

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